Friday, June 5, 2009


I think that I was first attracted to Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, by the fern-like leaves. I took pictures over a series of days without knowing what it was and only recently decided to try a post. For that, I once again went out for photos, this time for a couple of closeups. Then it was time to hit the books for an ID.

Yarrow, a perennial, has long history as a medicinal herb and was even popular as a vegetable in the seventeenth century.

For a lot more on this fascinating little one, see this Wiki article.

Here the flowers are still in the budding stage.

Don't the leaves really look like ferns? Or maybe cedar leaves?

These tiny little flowers are so detailed. Do click on this image to enter an even closer world of Yarrow's flowers.


  1. Thanks for including the wiki link-yarrow has quite the history; who knew?! Even the most common of flowers are beautiful when one takes the time to "see" them.

  2. I could get so willingly lost in research, that and reshooting specimes for purpose.

    Nothing makes me happier than heading out around the lake without expectations or time limits. It's so freeing.