Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sassafras is found rather sparsely around the lake. I can't remember seeing any taller than about fifteen feet, although they can grow considerably larger. I guess that's why I feel it's a rather delicate tree. This little specimen is about five feet tall.

The leaves are thick and with interesting color as they work into their summer green. They will assume warm and brilliant colors come fall. We've discussed Sassafras earlier--be sure to check out the interesting comment left by Andy.

More on the leaves... They have a curious habit of presenting with two, one, and even sans lobes. Here's an example that includes all three habits on the tip of a single branch.

Tomorrow it's bird time again. Not nearly as much action as yesterday, but perhaps a bright spot nonetheless. Ya, another worthless hint... ;-)


  1. love this black and white .. really velvety

  2. I thought of you when I put it together, Val, as I know how much you like b/w.