Saturday, June 6, 2009

White Campion

Here's White Campion (aka Evening Lychnis), Silene latifolia (or S. alba--I'm confused here).

This species and other related Silene species have proven useful in sex chromosomal studies because of the relatively young chromosome age (10-20 million years) compared to the more common hundreds of millions of years in commonly used test species like Drosophila or mice. For once the poor mouse is off the hook! :-) Wish I had a mouse shot...

A weekend full of promisingly fine weather comes just in time. My scheduled posts are depleted, meaning that my current inventory just doesn't stimulate me. I have probably thousands of shots by now but many of them are out of season or uncatalogued or could/should go the way of the bit bucket. Better cataloging and tagging needs to be in my future!

I like to think that when the snow is flying that I'll be poring over a year's worth of work, building sequences of each species while getting quite organized. Well, it is a good thought...

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