Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Wandering

I always have lots of pictures stashed for upcoming posts, leading to group processing, research, and scheduled posting. It's a workflow that works well for me. Only thing is that between inclement weather and life's speed bumps, my workflow has come unhinged. The good news is that the weather was great on Sunday and life in general is so much better.

While I fill the pipeline and get back on track, I'll take you along on Sunday's adventure around the lake. No species will be identified; this is simply a fun outing. :-)

I hope you enjoyed the trip! :-)

By the way, I captured a couple of terribly exciting avian species. I mean, really cool.

One species, I have been hunting for weeks. By using new stalking techniques, a fractal capture took place. (Ya, that wasn't much of a hint...)

The other species, I had never seen and it wasn't even close to being on my radar. It's a good thing that as a little boy I had a bird coloring book. I knew what I was seeing based on that book!


  1. Wonderful post today! I especially like the leaf skeleton. This must have been dragon and damsel fly weekend. The shoreline of the beaver pond behind our lake was filled with thousands of them, all darting to and fro, landing by the hundreds in front of me and taking off as I approached. Their wings glistened in the sunlight looking like diamonds in the sky- it was all quite magical and Oz-like to walk with them all flitting around me!
    Also found three painted turtles in the process of laying their eggs.
    Can't wait to see your newest bird "captures".

  2. It sounds like such a magical weekend! I am so jealous--egg-laying cool.

    Well, it's time to dig into yesterday's photos and get this pipeline back in shape.