Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Back in March I started a photography blog. The intent was to push out a few posts every now and then, but after an initial flurry I just never got back to it. This evening I ran some very cool Blogger software that migrated all the 24x36 photography posts into Nuncketest. It all ran perfectly, so I tagged each post with "Photography", making it easy to find these entries via the index.

I've shut down FeedBurner for the 24x36 blog and will delete the blog in a few days, once I'm sure all is really well with the migrated posts.

I will from time to time post something of a photographic nature here in Nuncketest. I think this will work well as many of you, dear readers, are photographers.

I've picked up a few books since the last photo post and I'll get to them at some point, but for now I'd like to mention lynda.com. After trying out the free videos, this month I subscribed. I used to be more of a textbook learner but these days videos are just the ticket. At $25/month, it's a real deal for me.

On another topic, today my latest B&H order arrived. I'll be trying out a monopod with a ball head. It's kind of tough handholding the 100-400mm zoom, particularly when fully extended. The added stability will no doubt tighten up my image sharpness.

Also in today's package was a couple of gray cards. I'll be checking them out for exposure and white color balance, as well as using them for a background as recommended by Gretchen.

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