Thursday, June 4, 2009

Scarlet Tanager

As I was tromping down my dirt road, coming home tired with five miles behind me...

I really did a double take. I mean, that red was so intense. This male Scarlet Tanager, Piranga olivacea, was a real eye catcher!

I was lucky to get a shot, as the little one seemed a cautious of me and we had a wide open space between us--no cover to move in closer.

Once again I get the opportunity to photograph a bird I have never seen before. It's like going to the zoo! :-)

You know, it's hard to describe just how wonderful it is to explore this marvelous world. It's not just the showy birds, but also the long-lived presence of trees and the fleeting seasonal herbs that leave me stunned by the beauty and complexity of our natural surroundings. One need only walk a few steps from one's door to find the richness that could take a lifetime to ponder and appreciate.


  1. WOW! It is special enough just to have seen a scarlet tanager let alone to get a photo- and one of this quality! You must have been SO excited! I have only seen one once and I needed binoculars to get a decent view.
    This is a true jewel of a shot- and your words sparkle!

  2. Ya Gretchen, this stuff is exciting! I'm beginning to think these birds want to be photographed, like they're little kids running up and going "Please take my picture!" :-)

    Thanks a bunch for the very kind words.