Monday, June 15, 2009


Due to commitments, yesterday's photos were all taken very close to home. I discovered species that I've blown right by as I make my usual trek around the lake. Today's showers kept me close to home once again, helping me to fill in shots and refine identification.

Yesterday a dear friend asked if I impose on myself a daily posting. Considering that I've not missed a day all day year, it'd be fair to answer affirmatively. I feel that I have a responsibility, and yet, it's never been a chore. Work or house upkeep, they are chores! This endeavor is a labor of love. Every aspect--interacting with my readers and making new and special friends, learning Adobe products, developing photography skills, practicing my writing, and performing research--is a distinct pleasure and passion.

A further question wondered how I came to daily species compared to open journaling. That's been on my mind for some time. I don't everyday have an opportunity to get out around the lake so I'd have to think about posting outside of that activity. See, with species, I can schedule ahead even up to a week and then research whenever free time comes up. I'd like to think that in years to come that I might move towards free journaling as well as spinning out detailed articles on species and their environmental relations.

Good questions! They stimulate me to think about what I'm doing and how that may change over time. And curiously, today's post seems to overlap between journaling and species specific reporting...

Arrow-wood, Viburnum dentatum, has been a fun ID. I first thought it was Elderberry but the leaves on this native bush just didn't fit. The egg-shape and heavy serrations helped. It took three outings to capture photos that worked--windy days and macro shots don't go well together.

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