Sunday, October 30, 2011

Early Winter Storm

The storm has safely passed through this area. The snow is now nearly melted but earlier caused broken limbs and a short power outage. I'm very lucky. Here's a quote from the local newspaper The Boston Globe:
Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents remained without power this morning after a major nor’easter that dumped rain and up to 30 inches of wet, heavy snow. Authorities said the storm played a role in three deaths, two in a car accident and one because of a power line downed by the storm. One National Weather Service forecaster expressed astonishment at the magnitude of the unusually early storm, which began two days before children were expected to make their rounds for Halloween. “Fifteen thousand years ago, in the Ice Age, I’m sure they had more snow,” said Bill Simpson. “But for the modern day, this is unbelievable.”

By late afternoon around the lake one would never know of the brief winter encounter.


  1. Goodness me that sounds wild. Glad you were ok and it's all melted now. The trials of living on a continent are very different to living on a temperate island.

  2. Thanks, Judith. Ya, New England can get some abnormal weather. And yet, we are somewhat tempered on the coast. My sister in Nebraska experiences colder winters and hotter summers and lots of tornadoes.

    Hoping Gretchen is okay. There was heavy snow in New Hampshire.

  3. Glad to hear you made it through the storm- we got TWO FEET of snow here (on top of the 4 inches we got Thursday night)! Thankfully we did not lose power so I can't complain- too much anyway :-) although I'm already tired of winter and we are only halfway through autumn. Ironically this weekend was also the anniversary of "The Perfect Storm" back in 1991. We were out on Nantucket that week and barely made it off the island before it hit.
    Today? Sunny, 46 pleasant degrees. New England is know for wacky weather for a good reason!
    ~ gretchen

  4. Holy #%&@!!! Where are you going to put the winter snow? Hopefully that will all melt soon. Looks like good weather ahead.

    So glad you are with power. There are many still without.

    Two feet... amazing...