Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Botanical Process

This week's class established a process to follow for each botanical painting. This is my interpretation of that process and will likely contain inaccuracies. For tonight, I will lay out all the steps as I remember and in subsequent posts will dive into the details. (Next week will add more steps when watercolor is added to the process.)

  1. Select specimens and prep.
  2. Design layout.
  3. Photograph specimen layout.
  4. Measure key dimensions of each specimen (with ruler or dividers).
  5. Transfer measurements to drawing paper.
  6. Rough in specimen outlines and prominent features.
  7. Refine specimen boundaries.
  8. Photograph drawing.
  9. Photograph specimen layout. (if delicate greens seem to move about.)
  10. Trace drawing to tracing paper. (Mark up side.)
  11. Add tonal values to drawing. (Basic light, dark, light, dark. Followed by tonal details.)
  12. Flip tracing and copy lines with HB.
  13. Flip back to up side of tracing paper, position over hot press paper (to left, leaving room for upcoming color studies), and transfer using sharp 2B.
  14. Print photograph in color as well as black and white.

Some of these steps might sound a bit cryptic but will hopefully clear up as I delve into each step with photos. More soon!

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