Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beyond Homework

Today I wrapped up the hollies with shading and line improvement. Tomorrow's class gets us started with watercolor.

I'm still working with my Munsell studies and recently came across this link: http://munsellcolor.webnode.pt/ These tests are quite challenging and fun.

I am very fond of the moonlight scenes of John Atkinson Grimshaw. That I could learn to handle to handle light like that... See his complete works here.

The Old Hall Under Moonlight
John Atkinson Grimshaw
The week's pencil work has me thinking and wondering. It would seem that unless one specifically wants to distress the paper's surface that there should never be a need to press so hard as to leave an indentation. All of the medium should rest on the support. Makes sense, I think.

And lastly, I just started M The Man Who Became Caravaggio by Peter Robb. Time to get into chapter 2!

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