Monday, October 24, 2011

Paint Making

Impatient for my paints and oils to arrive, I mixed up a few dry pigments with flax seed oil from the fridge. My mixes were rather on the liquid side, smooth and shiny. I'm excited of the possibilities--I have dozens of dry pigments!

There is an oil technique of applying colored glazes over grisaille but, unlike my situation, the grisaille is first allowed to dry. My colors mixed with the grays and my brush picked them up too. Won't do that again!

My tonal charts mixes with Radiant White (safflower oils mix) are still wet whereas the pure peach black (mixed with linseed) is dry to touch.

Here's a photo of me the muller at work. I was asked to supply a mulling shot for a slide show.


  1. Your next career: portrait photographer? Great photo, John! - Joyce

  2. If Vermeer picked up a camera, this wonderful photograph would be the result!
    ~ gretchen

  3. Hey thanks! Funny thing is that during setup I resigned myself to a light from the right. Duh, that was my right, not the camera's! :-)

  4. Tried to leave a comment this morning but failed. Was going to say a picture of the Old Master......: ) great lightning and fascinated by the oil study.

  5. Thanks, Judith! :-) Ya, I am having a fine time exploring oils.