Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Brushes and New Friends

After posting last night, I began shopping in the Rosemary & Co catalog and read that squirrel doesn't have a snap back. And today, by special request of the ASBA Conference managers, Rosemary was back for sales this morning! She confirmed what I read and I tried a wet squirrel brush as well.

From there, I ended up with a few small Kolinsky filberts (aka cat's tongues) in sizes 0, 2, and 4. Nice little brushes!

Today marked the close of the ASBA Conference, but still with post-conference workshops taking place. The past two days are rather a blur at the moment. I've absorbed so very much information from botany to color to the business of art shows to genetics to the work of grant recipients to the very latest in sophistocated online botanical resources (of which I will be volunteering for beta testing and images--more later as that develops). I've also met many artists and made many new friends.

I've turned into a true night owl since retirement and these early mornings flying down the highway have left me jet-lagged and just plain bonkers, but it's surely been worth it.

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