Friday, October 14, 2011

Process Overview

After finding my first mixes a bit on the yellow side, I remixed with stronger blues. The squares lowered in value and chroma too.

Here's the tonal study with each leaf numbered.

And finally the start of a painting. To the right is the palette and mixes with corresponding numbers from the tonal study. The idea is to work with the color chart and tonal study and real leaves. The darker tones of the green leaves first get a layer of Lemon Yellow Nickel Titanate, an opaque pigment. Next a few layers of an appropriate green are added with the edges smoothed with a separate brush clear water.

That is pretty much this week's homework. I will probably take some time to practice this process with a few more leaves. And, I think it's time to revisit my neglected botanical art library.

If all goes well, tomorrow I'll be learning how to mount my panels in frames!

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