Saturday, October 8, 2011

Botanical Closing In

The tracing is done and here some form has been added. More detail with tone and copying the tracing to watercolor will complete the homework. Sarah gave me the okay to work with images on my iPad instead of printing out color and b/w versions.

I peeled a few rose petals and compared to my Munsell chips, surprised at the low chromas. I came up with a few pigment possibilities that I hope to explore tomorrow.

And speaking on pigments, here is a video interview of Michael Price that I found inspiring. I hope you like it too.


  1. You and Timothy are having so much fun!I don't know where to start with admiring what you are up to. I was knocked out by your iPad easel display-I'm going to steal that idea! And please photograph the crab apples when they come back from the framers so we can see. As for never seeing the early morning of the pleasures of retirement is being able to choose wake up time.

  2. The iPad is perfect for this! What is especially cool is enlarging a portion of the image for a closeup. I need a better mount so that I can keep it powered while on the easel, but for now the tape works fine.

    Yup, crabapples coming when complete. I'll pick up the frames in a couple of days but may not be framing for some time as I still need to work on the painting. If I get ambitious I may wrap by next weekend. Depends how much botanical homework I get.

    I'm thinking of naming this place the "Crack of Noon Studios". :-)