Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Process Starter

Last week was hollies; this week it's greens. Sarah laid out a Stop & Shop mix and brought us through the steps of the process detailed in yesterday's post. In class I made it to the step of refining leaf edges. I decided to toss my work and start over, for practice and to detail the process here.

This post takes us through the first six steps detailed in yesterday's post.

A package of spring mix to add to my class specimens.

I pawed through the mix, looking for the just right leaves.

Once selected, each leaf was trimmed to open a fresh stalk. From this point on, the leaves are kept on wet paper towels and spritzed. (I later changed my mind on a couple of leaves.)

Timothy was in one of his howling moods.

Final arrangement, ready for initial measurements.
Key dimensions, measured with dividers and transferred to the drawing.
Roughed in outlines.

Note that the drawings above are considerably lighter, enhanced for display. At this time, I'm refining the outlines, will then add veining, and lastly apply tone. More tomorrow!


  1. Ha! Olivia's Sping Mix- that's the one I buy too- and I must admit that after reading this post I found myself inspecting each and every leaf for its shape, texture and color before putting it into my salad last night.
    Timothy is adorable!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Ya, I can get that way in the produce section when in the specimen mood. And although I really should be back to my lettuce, a few dried roses are calling...

  3. Hello, John. Two years of your art online is a valuable resource in any case, but it's so nice during my own chaotic year to drop in and see the beautiful, steady work proceeding, expanding, deepening, with your informative commentary on top. It calms the mind down just like that. And cat pictures, too!

    I've lots to catch up with in your posts so this is just to say hello again and congratulations on the continuing lovely outcomes of your work, and thank you for posting them.

  4. Well, how nice it is to hear from you, Katharine! How often have I meant to drop you a line. I do visit your lovely web site from time to time. (Caveat Imperator is so incredibly awesome.)

  5. Thank you for visiting, and thank you for liking my tiger! -- I'm afraid not much has changed on the website this year, but I have spent most of 2011 (it feels) out of the country. I like the progress of your leaves from supermarket-shelf ephemera to art.

  6. Just yesterday I discovered your blog:

    Congratulations on your successes! I am looking forward to an enormous miniature.