Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wrapping Things Up

Experienced artists know the effort involved in setting up a show, efforts I am now learning to appreciate.

The flower show exhibition is surely an incredibly well choreographed series of steps. I am privy to a bit of the behind the scenes planning and execution, but then there's plenty I'm sure I'm missing.

One step involves each artist packaging up the painting and delivering to a regional drop off person who will then lug a bunch up to Boston. Then the setup team works the layout and hanging. Gotta be tons of work.

NESBA provides instruction on how to package and even includes necessary labels. Here is my first adventure with bubble wrap. While I wrestled with stuck tape, Timothy the cat took to attacking the whole situation. That cat simply loves bubble wrap!

Pretty it ain't but I hope it does the trick!


  1. What is it with cats and bubble wrap? Or boxes (esp. one;s that are too small 0 they still try to get inside) or wrapping paper, or.... the list goes on and on. And we love them for it!
    Are you familiar with Simon's Cat? His newest video deals with a pice of tape- check him out here:
    There are 13 videos in all, and all are worth watching- I guarantee you will laugh! enjoy!
    Safe travels for your rosemary- I'm sure it will arrive in "purrfect" shape!

  2. And sheets while making the bed! Ya, I'm a Simon fan too. Great stuff!

    Tomorrow is delivery night.