Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Magnolia poco a poco

Here I pushed the background into a midnight blue and added more color to the petals. Rather than mix colors, I'm laying cerulean blue washes over the magenta to pull the color towards purple.


  1. This is looking so amazing; my eyes widened as the photo loaded onto my screen - I wasn't sure if this was the original photo or not! I then scrolled backwards to see the progression so far and couldn't help but to say "wow' right out loud.
    SO glad Timothy is home safe- I never let my cat out either but once at the lake he decided to take a little walk ( I still don't know how he got out) and my heart literally sank when I realized he was gone. I tore outside in a complete panic, only to hear pitiful meowing coming from underneath the deck; like Timothy, Momo was so scared that he did not venture far ( thankgoodness). When I picked him up he was shaking and clung to me for quite some time, even when we got inside.
    We do so love our fur children, don't we?

  2. Thank you! :-)

    I have been reading that oftentimes one lays down the background first across the entire panel. The model is then dropped in. Something to try...

    Like Momo, Timothy was hanging on dearly after his 'rescue'. Yes, we sure do love our little ones.