Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just a bit more this evening...

This darned cold has kept me out of work and pretty much away from painting so tonight was all about little bits of housekeeping. The beauty of acrylic is the ease of making corrections. A little bit of sharply applied dark blue gets me out of all kinds of trouble! The same goes for that wonderfully opaque titanium white. Also went in with with blue washes on the branch, looking for those lost edges.


  1. The ability to push and pull the colors at will is one of my favorite things about acrylic; too dark? Lighten it. Too light? Darken it. Same with color shifts, and temperature shifts. I love the choices and experimentation the medium allows with no fear of ruining the whole piece.
    I do hope your cold goes away soon and that you are feeling better ASAP!!

  2. Now if I can only remember to spritz. It continues to slip my mind; I continue to grumble when my brush glances off hardened pigment. Ah well...

    Thank you, I am back to work and feeling much better! :-)