Saturday, March 19, 2011

Magnolia Blossom

I planned a photo of the first magnolia blossom in a half opened state but in a matter of a few hours it popped out fully! This is another study of single source lighting with my cardboard box lighting booth.

Magnolia in full bloom

Center closeup

By the way, the most recent NESBA post contains images of all the show paintings.


  1. This single source lighting is quite dramatic; even your photos have that old masters "Vermeer" quality to them.
    Checked out all the photos on the NESBA blog- quite the lovely show! I was surprised at how large your rosemary was- I know you told us the dimensions but it didn't hit me until I saw the photo; Congratulations on being a part of such a fabulous show of incredible work!

  2. I like working with this look. Timothy loves the light box and ripped out my backdrop and made the box his cave. Now he has a bigger box of his very own..

    I think the rosemary came out something like 1.3x?

    Thanks! This has been an incredible experience--my first piece! And, I've come to respect just how much work must go into such an exhibition. Some of our members worked very hard putting this all together.

  3. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the committee hanging the paintings for the Exhibition. It looks fabulous.You must be so proud to see your painting hanging with the others.
    The magnolia flower is stunningly beautiful and the one source lighting really emphasises its form. This is as good as anything I saw at the International Garden photography exhibition I went to today. Now, if you can get the cat to help too....

  4. Judith, I feel so lucky to have been able to participate in this exhibition. There is another member exhibition coming up in May that I now need to focus in on. But first, I'm trying the magnolia in acrylic--working on the grisaille at this moment.

    Thanks for the kind words! I do enjoy these kind of images. As for the cat, well, he is generally a very mindful little guy so I let him have his fun. :-)