Thursday, March 10, 2011

Experiment With Light

Tomorrow I drop off the painting, and a week later I visit it. So, it feels like that endeavor is now behind me. I've long been attracted to dramatic lighting of the kind attributed to the "Old Masters" style. Now, I know just about nothing on this subject and will probably jitter about as I find my way, but I'll still try to learn a bit here.

This change of tack also satisfies my need to get up to speed with acrylic for my upcoming workshop with Koo Schadler, "Old Master Design Workshop", which uses acrylics. I'll also want to get back to egg tempera for the second workshop.

So, that's the general plan for the near future, if I can hold my focus. No small feat over here! ;-)

Firstly, I thought I'd experiment with some lighting and layout. Although a dedicated mini studio is probably in order, this example was just an underexposed quickie. Still, it's rather good for stimulating further ideas.


  1. Intriguing. Looking forward to seeing where this leads.