Wednesday, March 16, 2011

English Ivy Acrylic

This evening I reinforced the grays and then began applying washes. I like washing with my sables, but they're my lovely W&N's. I need to pick up a handful of synthetics and save the good ones for watercolor.


  1. Progressing nicely, I see! A real sense of single source lighting is developing here; I esp. like the highlight on the inner rim on the right of the clay pot. The leaves have a wisp of inner glow.
    Love the magnolia bud in yesterday's post- I can feel the texture of those outer shells!

  2. Thanks, Gretchen! This morning I was imagining how interesting it would be to have a single light source in the painting: a candle or lamp. In the meantime, today I'll get back to work on this. Letting it sit at least overnight helps me see what is working and what's not.

  3. This is developing beautifully-I have been watching the process unfolding and it is fascinating.I particularly like the subtle shadowing on the right side of the terracotta pot.
    It still looks cold with you, but the magnolia is a good positive sign.

  4. Thanks, Judith. This is an enjoyable piece. There is a depth in the many washed that is not evident in the picture. More this evening!

    Today is reaching into the 60's F, a lovely sunny day!