Monday, March 21, 2011

Magnolia With a Bit of Color

I refined the grays a bit and then applied some light washes just to get things started.

Spring in Bridgewater was heralded in with light snow most of the day!


  1. This is already springing to life with only few washes of color. Did you decide to try gouache with this one or is this still acrylic?
    Hope Timothy is being a good boy- you made me laugh with your description of him getting inside your lighting booth- cats are so funny!

  2. Still acrylic, Gretchen. Although, I'd really like to try gouache on colored paper. Well maybe later--I'm supposed to be prepping myself for upcoming classes!

    Timothy decided to take a stroll the other night. I was shooting the moon through an open door, having all kinds of difficulty getting an infocus image. I wrapped up unsuccessfully and couldn't find him anywhere, This is the very first time this 13 year old cat has taken any interest in going outside. It's cold and dark and I'm out there calling for him. His meows are guiding me to him. There he is all tangled in wisteria branches and scared witless.

    So... notes to self... Watch the door and watch the cat. Turn off lens internal stabilization when on a tripod.