Friday, March 18, 2011

Mallards in the Swamp and the NESBA Flower Show

This time of year when the swamps are full, the ducks feed and paddle about, right in my own back yard.

I spent a few hours at the NESBA booth this afternoon, meeting artists and greeting visitors. It's hard to describe just how exciting it was for me to have one of my paintings hanging there. It was so over the top to watch folks with their noses right up at my painting! For an inside view of the exhibit:


  1. We are finally seeing a few signs of spring up here although i will be the first to admit that I am missing my lake terribly right now- ice out and the return of the loons was always the highlight of my spring rituals. However, these past two evenings, I have discovered that our clearing here on the mountainside is a "singing ground" for woodcock and I can hear their nasal "peent peent" at dusk and see them do their acrobatic mating dance and hear their wings whistling as they spiral; I think we must have at least five or six of them.

  2. Oh... Here's hoping that you discover many new worlds in your new home.