Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Second Exercise and Feedback

State government asked that many workers stay home today in light of a pretty powerful snow storm coming in. I complied without protest. Curiously, here it is 3 PM in southeasterm Massachusetts and the ground is still bare. Our weather predictors insist that the big stuff is still coming.

Whatever, the day off gave me time to rough in the second exercise. The top--rhododendron, english ivy, and white pine--will be in graphite. The bottom--vinca, holly, and white pine--will be pen and ink. The previous exercises were all dried leaves. Enough dead stuff; time for the living! All these subjects are fresh and green, harvested just hours ago.

Marcia's review came in this morning. Wow, lets just say that I'm having trouble getting my swollen head through the doorways. She recognized that my line work is improving and gave me suggestions. She noted that my pencil work had somewhat better line work, that I should feel free to use various nibs with my ink work. You know, I did think of that late last night, long after the exercise was uploaded. No matter, once ink is down, it is down. I did try out a Gillott 290 earlier today and I will use that as well. It is a very touchy tip; the slightest pressure widens the line. But, it can do an extremely fine line, just right for those very tiny suggestions of veining.

Okay, it's back to my work for a review of my sketches before getting serious with line.


  1. yay! A snow day! We actually got a few inches up here even though we were only supposed to get a dusting.
    I love really flexible nibs. Ever try writing with them in the old Spencerian and/or copperplate style? It helps me understand the personality of each of my nibs and is great practice for learning to control my line widths.

  2. I just got in from shoveling for the first time today. Not only is the storm coming through late but it looks like the numbers will be low. About three inches of heavy, wet stuff here.

    My experience with pen and ink is really limited to these exercises. I wrapped up the second exercise today and it'll post tomorrow. We have a supplemental exercise to copy good line work and I'll be doing some exclusively in ink.

    It'd be way cool if we picked up another snow day tomorrow! :-)