Friday, February 26, 2010

Hatch and Crosshatch

This week's first exercise is titled "How To Shade". Prior to applying shading, one must be firstly cognizant of the light intensity and direction, and then of the areas of shadow and highlight. For instance, in my sketch the light is intense and above at about 10 o'clock. The right side is shadow, the left highlight. There is a bit of highlight on the belly of the pear that extends in somewhat to the right. Then also the darker shading of the cast shadow. (I think I missed a darker shadow about the middle and reflected light at the base of the pear.)

Once a shading plan is decided, one must pick the shading method or methods--hatching, cross hatching, graded shadows, or stippling. In the above sketch, I am using hatching and cross hatching. I used graded when I worked with a stomp in Sunday's still life. I think stippling is a very cool technique but not very effective with pencil. In fact, I'm not much of a fan with crow quill. But, I absolutely love it with a Rapidosketch. (Mine has seen better days and I'll be replacing it with a Rapidograph.)

Today, my dear friend Val Littlewood of the Pencil and Leaf blog included a piece on Nuncketest in her post on Slow Art. Also check out this post from earlier in the week where she kicks off the Slow Art celebration. And be sure you are not in a hurry when you head over because you will surely lose track of time as you enter her wonderful world of bees.


  1. I found you via pencil & leaf-so glad she pointed me this way.

  2. And I am delighted that you've made it here. Welcome! :-)

  3. Ah, electricity is a wonderful thing- our power has been restored and I am once again back online. Quite the storm, eh? We were lucky this time around, only out for a day and a half- last time, during the Ice Storm we were without power for 8 days!
    Crosshatching is a bit addictive with a rapidograph, don't you think? I find that I need to reign myself in when shading with it as I all too often can't resist just adding a 'just a few more lines' here and there which, as Val observed can quickly deaden a work. I so need to practice the art of restraint!
    I am happy that Val included you in her wonderful post about Slow Art and I hope it brings new friends to Nuncketest!

  4. Oh my! Well, welcome back to electron world!

    The storm was rather a non event down here in Bridgewater. Some high winds, a bit of snow, and mostly rain. In fact, there is no snow left and the temp is just above freezing. So lucky...

    Too many lines indeed. See my next post where I turn myself in to the overdone police. Guilty as charged! :-)

    My soon to be replaced Rapidosketch is a mess--ink comes out everywhere except the tip. I've heard that when it comes to Rapidograph, that the Rotring has it all over Koh-I-Noor. Might you have thoughts on this?

    Yep, way cool, that Val is. Such a dear. We are picking up new friends from all over the planet. :-)