Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rework on the negative space

I really wasn't happy with the quality of my first submission on negative space--lines were messy and the background kind of scratchy looking. I did go a bit wild with line thickness but hey, why not? :-) I also had a fantastic time playing around with a blending stomp! At first, I went in with the tip and that seemed to create unevenness--not what I was looking for. Once I began using the side of the stomp, I was able to work in some nice smoothing, just what I wanted.

And here comes a shameless plug for my band. Come see us Sunday at Steve's for a good cause!


  1. AND you're a musician, too? How cool! And so very generous to be playing a benefit concert for Haiti.
    Today's sketch shows great progress-the simple, newly acquired technique of varying your line width combined with the softly blended background give this drawing amazing dimension.

  2. Sometimes there are simply not enough days in a week! :-)

    Thank you for your recognition of my progress. That's encouraging for me! I think I may not know all that I have been gaining from this course until sometime down the road. I do miss the little drawings I had been doing prior to the course but I think that I'll have a finer repertoire for when I get back to them.