Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Big Exercise Done!

Here's pencil at the top and ink below. A higher res version has been uploaded to the course. This is my first serious attempt with pen and ink and I really had a great time with it! One thing I must learn to remember is to watch out for wet ink. I created more than a few smears, particularly where the ink was thick.

Ink is so cool. Crisp and contrasty. I used the Hunt 102 nib exclusively. A strong pressure is needed for very wide lines so it's no doubt a good beginner's nib. I was amazed at the line width variation possible. So, so cool.

Next is to rough in the layout for the next big exercise. It's similar to this one but with the leaves overlapping. I took Friday off so as to have plenty of time. I hope to have instructor comments sometime Wednesday.

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