Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ink Wash II

After last night's exercise, I did take the time to read Chapter 2, Ink Wash, from Beautiful Botanicals. Well, I had it part way right... It is quite important to smooth those edges with a water-only brush, and do it fast. That ink sets up in no time!

The other thing is that I was probably using way too much water. I cut back this evening and also dripped in more drops at a time. This mix was so much better!

I got cut short on time this evening--I probably would have preferred a few more washes. Also, it just struck me at this moment that I could have used a slightly watered down ink instead of straight out of the bottle for the veining.

All in all, I like where this is going. Ink is a very cool medium.

The fog was just thick enough to create softly glowing clouds of sodium light. These shots are from a late night walk up the road. And you know what? It feels good to post something other than a b/w drawing. Let's hear it for monochromatic sodium!

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