Monday, February 15, 2010

Negative Drawing Exercise

My negative drawing exercise calls for drawing the spaces between the stems and leaves of a plant. Around here, that pretty much means a houseplant. So I was off today to the local florist, thinking of the connections I will establish--tossed exotic leaves mine for the taking and perhaps the chance that I could display some pieces there. Ah well, closed. Probably exhausted after V day.

The local Home Depot came through with a beautiful ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Only thing is that it's quite poisonous so it has a home high up with no landing points for my clever cat. The good news is that he has little interest in plants of any sorts so we'll do well no matter. Also brought home a hanging ivy which will no doubt be making an appearance soon.

Here's a little closeup with poor lighting. Better shots to follow.

And here is my first try at negative space drawing. The idea is to squint until the spaces between become the objects of attention. Once complete, shade up the spaces and see the subject pop out. Hmm, it really works. I'm not thrilled with my first attempt but I do like the possibilities. A simple, interesting look.

I keep getting these intense urges for color and this little sketch just screams that out for me. I'll be honest, I am so anticipating the completion of this course so that I can break out my watercolors. I know, I tell myself to simply slow down and enjoy this learning process. And I will. And then I'll cut loose.

For weeks, I've been meaning to put together this little triptych. I'll take it to the office for display. Now what will I say when someone asks how much? That happened with the last one I hung. I've sold a photo off that office wall but I still don't know the price and the buyer tells me he isn't worried. It will be my first sale so I'm still unsure...

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