Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Journal Entry

Here are this week's guidelines for our journal submissions:
  • Think of a favorite painting, drawing, or other work of art...
  • What was it about that piece that spoke to you?
  • How did the artist use color, line, form, texture, and light to convey feelings and ideas? What ideas or themes are represented in the piece?
Here is my submission:

I would like to share with you my appreciation of the work of Kory Fluckiger. Working mostly in watercolor, he presents loosely botanical paintings with lovely composition and a unique and limited palette. Often monochromatic, sometimes even black and white, his watercolors give me such a sense of peace and interest. The backgrounds are works of art themselves—beautifully textured and displaying cast shadows with eloquence.

It seems to me that his paintings that I most admire have softly directional lighting. The subtle color gradations seem to me a bit richer and wider ranging than realistic. I feel a bit of surrealism, elegance, and perhaps even a bit of somberness in these works. Curiously, most of my selections display a strong vertical line and something of an ethereal character.

These are my favorite pieces:

2006 Commiseration
2005 All October
2004 Cymbidium Equinox, Autumn Dragon
2003 all plant and bamboo paintings


  1. Thanks for opening our eyes to the work of Kory; what a fresh take on botanical painting!

  2. Isn't it just great?

    Here's a bit of an update on him.