Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pencil Lines

Here's an example of my warm up exercise in pencil. I'll be into more of these as well as revisiting my blind contour drawing exercises.

I may not have mentioned that our course web site includes a weekly forum where we can post our thoughts and share comments. After some instructor encouragement, a group of us are perhaps becoming comfortable sharing our experiences.

Now, I know I should be focusing in and applying myself for the next five weeks but I simply could not resist sneaking down this curious little avenue. Images in the Margins is a wonderful little hardcover that has just arrived. And it's not just the fascinating content that excites me--the book itself is so nicely built. Heavy weight, smooth and glossy, the paper is so wonderful. The quality of the illustrations are just awesome. Layout is a work of art. Images in the Margins belongs to the Medieval Imagination series that includes Beasts Factual and Fantastic and Faces of Power and Piety.


  1. John! I cant believe you have "Images in the Margins" too. It's such a fab book. I am so passionate about illumination. Line work is so wonderful isn't it? I am so enjoying your posts.. Email on way..

  2. It's incredible how much beauty has been created over the years. Illuminations still with us after hundreds and hundreds of years just feels so right.

    So much to learn from the humble little line. I never realized...and maybe still don't...