Sunday, December 20, 2009

Red Oak Branch - Sketch

This is part one of a red oak drawing. I'm still wrapping up some branch layout. Buds need attention. Then shading and depth can come in. If all goes well, I will be able to publish the finished drawing next post. So far I have about an hour and a half into this.

I'm better learning to rough out the overall piece, having some confidence that I will be able to revisit each section in turn for adjustment and detail. There is a process, a workflow, that I seem to be discovering--one that comes from practice.

A while back I posted photos of leaf designs on my dirt road. At that time, I wanted to include a link to a Flickr site of my friend and co-worker, George. But at that time, the technical gremblims were on the attack. Now with a new graphics workstation up and running, George has the site filled in nicely. Here it is! He captures some pretty cool images of sand and stone on the seashore of Nantasket Beach in Hull, Massachusetts. Enjoy! :-)


  1. I actually like the unfinished quality of this piece-it has a quiet energy. Sometimes the hardest part of drawing (second only to putting the very first line down) is knowing when you have finished. I have always liked the old saying that "it takes two people to create a painting/drawing; the artist, and then someone to tell him/her when it's done!".
    Enjoyed the link to George's photos- the New England shores ( tidal pools and saltwater marshes) are my favorite place(s) in the world. Such a treat for my land locked eyes!

  2. Now that the shoveling is behind me and I got in a few photos, I have plenty of time to relax back into this sketch. Ah, that life could be like this more often... :-)

  3. Lovely triune design! - Joyce

  4. Hi Joyce! I'm hoping to get back to it soon. I was all set to start but felt bad that the birds were nearly out of seed. Now the feeders are full and there's seed spread all about for the ground feeders. I think they appreciate it on a day like today. There was even a grackle on the feeder--something I have never seen.