Monday, December 14, 2009

White Oak, White Ice

I am both having fun and getting frustrated. I guess it's time to try harder. This White Oak leaf has some interesting twists. I like that; there's more of a sense of depth. Also, now that I find it easier to reach into darker tones, I must remember to use the full tonal range. See, this is fun for me, fun that is driven by the need to do better.

I want to practice foreshortening, perhaps even with the same old leaves I've already used here. Disregarding what is supposed to be there and seeing what is really there. I struggled with that even while tracing leaf margins...fascinating how the mind works...

I just picked up a DVD player that I drop on my elliptical trainer. So now I can review David N. Kitler's Draw with Confidence video while getting in my aerobics. I'm also working from a few books that I'll talk about in later posts.

It felt good to get in a little camera time on Sunday afternoon. The lake has frozen over with a glasslike sheen that supports the Herring Gulls effortlessly. I gingerly slid out a few steps off the shoreline and the ice immediately warned me back with a few playful cracks. I'll bring out more of these photos throughout the week.


  1. Studying drawing while working out? Holy moly- you ARE dedicated! And brave... foreshortening can be quite difficult at times. Sometimes if I'm frustrated with my drawings, I will hold them up in front of a mirror or upside down- the new perspective often allows the eye to pick up on what needs to be tweaked.
    Our lake has not yet frozen over- although the shallower cove has been frozen for a week or two. We had common mergansers here over the weekend. One loon remains as well as a few black ducks.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Gretchen! :-) I am hoping things get a bit easier once I get a dedicated work space set up.

    I was surprised to see so much ice here. There were a few days below freezing but not an extended deep freeze. The temps are turning a bit warmer so this ice may go by the wayside.