Tuesday, December 15, 2009

White Oak - A New Angle

The is the same White Oak leaf from yesterday's post. I set it up on a third hand over my paper, kept my head steady with one eye closed, and traced as best I could.

I'm reading that a viewing window with guides may be just the ticket as I move away from tracing. Going along with that is setting up a dedicated work location and some lighting arrangements.

I want to apply more time to shading technique. Smoother shading with subtle gradations while using the full tonal range. Tone chart practices will no doubt be useful.


  1. Excellent dedication--learning so much!
    Are you a southpaw? - Joyce

  2. Oh Joyce, I am having so much fun!

    I'm a rightie. Do I look like a leftie?

  3. I think this looks wonderful- you really have captured "dimension" with this one.

  4. Thanks! :-)