Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow

First Snow fell Saturday night. Sunday stayed cold enough that even with bright sun the snow remained in the trees.


  1. These are so beautiful- I couldn't resist taking more than a few photos yesterday myself! Wasn't the light just gorgeous? I recently read about someone who enjoys taking super macros of snowflakes ( ala Snowflake Bently!). She waits until we get that big fluffy kind of snow- and then uses a piece of black fabric that she has mounted onto a piece of cardboard to "capture" her flakes! I'm kind of anxious to try it.

  2. Ya, it was the fine light that I'd been hoping for. Got my shots in, fed the cat, and went back to bed...a nice lazy day.

    Great light again this morning. Earlier as I was up for work. Alas, running late so I had to pass. There will be more... :-)

    Thanks for jogging my memory. I'd just recently heard of The Snowflake Man (was it from you?). What an amazing man.