Saturday, December 19, 2009

American Chestnut

There is something to be said for sharp pencils, 2H and HB. I had an awful lot of fun with this chestnut leaf, for about four hours. Next day I wanted to get back at it for some tweaking but decided to let it stand as is and move onto something new. I learned a lot with this one.


  1. Lovely twist! I am so glad you noted the time it took.. I think many people think pencil work is done in a second!.. it is a slow and concentrated job. Super stuff John.

  2. Thanks, Val! :-)

    Concentrated indeed. I find drawing can be meditative...all of a sudden it is, "Hey, where did all that time go?"

  3. Don't you just love drawing curled leaves? All those twists and turns! And then as you begin shading, the drawing pops off of the page!
    I absolutely agree about the meditation aspect; I have always felt exactly the same way.
    These recent posts of your botanical drawings have been a complete delight- keep them coming!

  4. Curves and shadows feel so rewarding when they click. So glad you are enjoying this old young artist's experiments. I'm having the time of my life! :-)