Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

The pens and ink and paper arrived yesterday. I immediately dove in, creating splats of ink across the page. I am rather proud of not tipping over the bottle!

What an incredibly humbling little tool. A smooth and steady hand, a sense of the ink capacity of the tiny nib, a limited range of directional movement--challenging as can be. Reminds me of the violin.

More later as I figure out what I may do with pen and ink. I've been rather content with graphite and it's lovely nuances. For now, I leave you with my first pen and ink creation.


  1. And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you to!
    Have fun with your new papers and ink pens. You will find that nibs will behave differently and have their own personalities; some are quite flexible and allow for expressive line work (the copperplate nibs are excellent for this) while others are quite stiff for consistent line width. Even inks can affect your work; different brands/types have different viscosities, some being better at allowing you to do fine hairlines. Then of course the nibs, inks and papers all interact differently with each other, too! It's all about constant experimentation and finding out what works for you! And don't worry, we ALL still continue to experiment, no matter how long we've been creating art- it's half the fun!
    Best wishes for a new year filled with magical discoveries!

  2. Thank you so much, Gretchen.

    And then there are the ink washes that look so very cool. And on it goes... :-)