Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tinkering With An Acorn

I spent a couple of hours studying the relative sizes and angles of the scales of an acorn cup. My Optivisor made it easy to switch between a close up view and my paper. I was rather tuckered out so this was simply a lot of poking about. Sometimes it's fun and relaxing just to explore without looking too hard for a result.


  1. I really love pages like this- I enjoy seeing the "process" of exploration and how the artist's eye and mind works. I think sketches with multiple views and unfinished, searching line work have far more life and interest sometimes than a highly polished, finished and perfect drawing, despite our efforts (ok, obsession) to produce them! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I really needed some time to feel out the little scales on a sphere. I think about the conceptual model I'm trying to build versus simply moving what I am seeing to paper. What I think I should see gets in the way. Interesting...

    I so wished that I'd saved a bag of acorns from this year's huge crop. Everything's now under a foot of snow! My little specimen has only half a cup. If this snow melts, which it might in the next few days, I'll be out collecting. And then more practice...