Friday, December 11, 2009

Looking Ahead

Birthdays, New Years', anniversaries--temporal markers that make for reflection and planning. I guess it's only natural to think about next steps at this time.

This year I pushed out about a thousand blog shots but there are considerably more laying about behind the scenes. I want to parse these through, breaking them out by species. Along with that will come a dedicated web site to host galleries of these photos. It will be a nice little winter project.

Of course the blog will continue, although the content, and even the timing, may change a bit.

Okay, now I get to the idea that's been haunting me for some time. I hesitate to bring it out as I don't know if I'm ready. Ah well, here it is...

Before this blog, I was really interested in botanical drawing and painting. I took a few stabs at it but kept losing focus. And when it didn't go my way, I simply drifted off. Well, I want to give it another shot and I want to do it right here. I am quite hesitant about exposing my meager and amateur skills in front of the awesome professional artists who I'm honored to have here. But why not? As I get older, I'm getting a bit daring.

I'll be blogging on my attempts to manage the pencil. Leaves and twigs and cones will be my subjects. Below is something I did a few weeks ago on the back of a printed page. You can see the bleed through. Thing is, it actually looked like a pear! Imagine that? I was stunned. So now I'm reading and practicing, trying to draw lines and work shading and test out different supports.

I welcome all suggestions on anything to do with my new and exciting adventure.


  1. Terrific!! An artist continues on his journey--same stuff, different media. Join NESBA and exhibit at this year's Flower Show (and other venues). -- theme is "Feast for the Senses", such as a pear. - Joyce

  2. Well this IS an exciting adventure- and I am so happy that you have decided to allow us all to come along with you.
    You already have sharpened your artist's eye through the viewfinder... now it's only a natural progression that you will be sharpening your pencil!

  3. That's a great pear. As for species, it's a Bosc, isn't it?

  4. Thanks, Mary! Wow, you could even tell it's a Bosc. How cool is that? :-)

  5. I'm a bit on the giddy side here Gretchen. What have I got myself into? :-) I'll be poking about for a while as I find my natural rhythm with this new endeavor.

  6. Joyce! NESBA already? Oh my, I am merely a germinating seed! :-)

  7. NESBA's shows are generally not juried, and you will be a sprout soon enough. - J

  8. Thanks, Joyce. Looks like I better get back to my studies!