Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leaf Fossils

Well, not exactly fossils, but that's what they remind me of. The fallen leaves on my little dirt road, after repeatedly being rain-soaked and then run down by the local traffic, are well flattened and skeletonized.


  1. I love these! I have taken photos of this very same phenomena as well- this either validates our artistic eye or proves that we are both kind of nutty ( but in a good way)!
    I enjoyed yesterday's moth macros, as well. Interesting to see that this particular guy was resting with his wings "up", a pose that is usually ( but not always) exhibited by butterflies and helps tell the two species apart. I have learned long ago that there are no hard fast rules in nature. I have only one moth in my "collection" and that is a luna moth- it's HUGE with a wingspan of 4.5" and beautiful pale green in color. I found it one day laying in the field where I walk. It was perfect, like it had just died in mid flight. Of course I had to take it home; OK, maybe I am just a little nutty...

  2. Haha!!! :-) A little nutty is just fine by me. :-)

    The photos were two days in the making and I'd like to revisit them sometime. I think a polarizing filter would help with glare and some side lighting with definition.

    That's interesting about the wings up. The day was chilly and quite windy--wonder if that was a factor?