Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The Sycamore, aka Buttonwood, produces huge and beautiful leaves. I've had one lying about for months just because I like it so much...never thinking that I'd be trying to draw it. All I have at this time is the initial layout with a very light 2H touch.

I've been working mostly with Stonehenge Vellum 8x10 and I had to jump up to 11x14 for this one. I have some Strathmore 400 Drawing and Canson Classic Cream Drawing coming in, all 11x14. Oh, and along with that, is coming a Speedball ink pen kit with various nibs and some Higgins ink. I have a RapidoSketch and a Rotring but I'm really interested in pens that can, with practice, produce variable width lines. Ah, the toys... :-)


  1. Ah, yes, the toys... SO much fun! Wait until you get into colored pencils and /or watercolor!
    We do not have very many sycamores around these parts but I do know where a few are; I had wanted to collect some specimens this summer and autumn for drawing but somehow never got back to those spots to do so; now I am kicking myself, esp. after seeing this new drawing of yours -it is shaping up ever so nicely!

  2. From a rather stumbled foray with watercolor, I have the toys already. Maybe soon I'll take them back out but I desperately need a workspace first. More on that and the sketch later...