Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We looked at Winterberry a while back, before the leaves dropped. These treats are ready whenever the birds are. Although this bush grows in the swamp beyond my back yard, I never realized its heavy clumping nature. Little surprises, may they never end. :-)


  1. Under Conservation Commission's "Order of Conditions" for a house building project, this past spring we planted native trees and shrubs to replace a white pine, including some much anticipated winterberry. They thrived and set lush berries--as orange as pumpkins. Wrong variety, apparently, and how disappointing! Winterberries are red, everyone knows that. - Joyce

  2. I'm sure they're very pretty regardless. And if you do get a red cultivar, it'll really be eye-catching! :-)

    That is so cool that you are setting out a native area. I'd like to do that here but for now I will be content simply to remove all that oriental bittersweet that tries to take over.