Saturday, November 14, 2009

Color and Light Experiments

Here are a couple of photos that simply caught my eye for color.

And here are some experimental pieces trying to working new angles with lighting. It's also part of a series I'd like to do on the grasses. Sigh...I am a victim of more ideas than time and energy. :-)


  1. Such beauty! - Joyce

  2. I agree with Joyce- beautiful!
    Lately I find myself filing the pages of my journals with photographs I take simply for the sheer joy of taking them; I am enjoying the self-challenge to photograph my surroundings in as many different and beautiful ways as I can on my daily walks. My walks have become fun again as I am forcing myself to see with fresh eyes.
    For over a decade I have been a great admirer of the work of Andy Goldsworthy ( if you are not familiar with him, just google him and prepared to be glued to your computer for the rest of the afternoon!). Just recently, I also discovered the work of Marc Pouyet and purchased his book "Natural: Simple Land Art Through the Seasons". (check it out here: )
    Inspired by them, I am now attempting to do small land art constructions on my walks when I can and photographing them. It is such a thrill to return to each site after a few days to see how nature has further "enhanced" my creations!
    It feels good to be stretching my creative spirit, esp. with winter approaching.

  3. Speaking of inspiring work, I just minutes ago walked in the door with a copy of "Nantucket An Island Sketchbook"! Yep, your book, Gretchen! :-) Your work is so incredibly lovely! :-) I am going to have many enjoyable times perusing your wonderful book.

    Thanks for the links; I'll start in on them shortly. But first, I better head back out and get the grocery shopping done first or I'll never get there! :-) I've got Stephen King's "Under the Dome" to wrap up. And your book. And these new and fascinating sounding links. Oh, and a post for tomorrow...

    Isn't is just so amazing, so exciting, to be able to see the same objects in new ways?