Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tree Fungus

This fungus grows on a standing stump, all that is left of a rotted oak that blew over last year. No identification at this time. I tried poking about the web without results and my library doesn't get into fungi, not yet anyway. Ah yes, another good reason for a new book. :-)


  1. I find that my field guides to mushrooms and fungi make excellent paperweights... I seem to be useless at identifying them. There are so many variables in making a correct ID (such as having to make spore prints) that my head wants to explode!
    I have one particular mushroom/photo from a few years back that is my holy grail of IDs... it is a brilliant blue color- and no amount of google research has brought me even close to being able to identify it.
    That being said, your photos today are so lovely. Don't you just love to discover all the tiny sparkling spider webs and threads on the fungi when you get home and look at your photos in more detail? Worlds within worlds!

  2. Oh my, it sounds like I'm in for a fit of a time with identification!

    Thanks! :-) I have been experimenting with lighting angles and one result indeed brings in tiny little web strands. I deliberately left that one in, even though my eye seemed to gravitate and then hold on that spot enough that I considered it a distraction.

    Worlds within worlds.
    Wheels within wheels.
    Such magic in our natural world.

  3. Wow, it looks like porcelain!
    Beautiful photos.

  4. Thanks, Abby! :-)

    I went back today (a week later) for another look and these fungi were gone. No trace... Are they short-lived? Were they harvested?