Wednesday, October 20, 2010

White Oak 2

After over-shadowing with a raw umber, ultramarine mix, opaque mixes with white helped pull back the unevenness. Perhaps now some transparent yellows and reds? Shadow lines dropped in for possibly some cast shadows. All painting so far with only a W&N Series 7 #1.

I get so taken away with this medium. A couple of hours slipped by as a blissful blur.


  1. Painting so slow is definitely a meditation...the perfect "in the moment activity". Love how this is "appearing" from the paper.

  2. Agreeing with Threadspider about the meditative aspect of the 'blissful blur' -- there is nothing like the happy calm of creating something beautiful. I like the polished, woody look of this leaf and the breaks on those two tips; it could almost be made of oak :-)

    Will be interested to see what you do about background/context. I see the shadow-lines ... what are you thinking now regarding this leaf's pictorial surround?

    Don't know about the overshadowing but the mixture of pigments you've put on gets that rich autumn yellow colour bang on.

  3. Oh Judith, I so wanted to keep painting last night but knew I had to get some sleep for another workday. This leaf has been on my mind all day!

  4. Hi Katharine! It does look woody, doesn't it? That occurred after a very lightly opaque wash of ochre and titanium white. I have been pondering background throughout the day. Will probably first drop in some cast shadows along the lines and see if any ideas pop out for further background.