Thursday, October 28, 2010

And More Paint

The results of this evening work. I am learning to work a firmer mix for the pans so that there is less drying and hence less pigment shrinkage. The tubes load better with a wetter mix.

This one reminds me of peanut butter. It has a nice strong mineral smell.

It takes more effort to mull a firmer mix. Soupy mixes are dreamy to mull but what can one do them? Well, they could be used for putting up pigment for tempera.

Here's the view from my doorstep. It looked so pretty this morning that I had to go back for the camera. The yard is really tiny; 16mm is such a generous view. :-)

There were a couple of interesting (actually quite exciting) deliveries today. I can hardly wait to tell you all about them tomorrow! :-)


  1. I must post a picture from my doorstep too. Good to see your garden-has a Japanese air to it, partly because of the seasonal colour I guess. And wide angle always helps.
    A muller-that was the name I was groping for in the last post! Mulling things over. Makes sense now.

  2. Lovely yard, tiny or not! is that a bit of the lake one can just make out in the background?
    ~ gretchen

  3. I think the ornamental crabapples with their twisting branches help lend that Asian air too.

    Judith, I've found that mullers seem to be unique. Molten blogs of glass that settle into their own shapes. I'd love to shop for one in person, picking one that fits my hand. Ah... one can dream... :-)

  4. Yup, that's the lake! I can only see bits of it from my place. Now, the view from up on the roof is very nice. :-)