Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Paint Making

With good headway this evening, here is progress to date. A nice yellow in tubes and pans, a white that might have leanings into a bit of rose, and an interesting iron oxide. This last pigment is a gift from my dear nephew, Andrew.

A few weeks ago Andrew presented me with a baggie of rust sludge from his mother's well water filter for the horses. This rust is absolutely buttery smooth. Mulling was needed only to mix in the gum arabic. Dear Andrew took a bit of kidding and wonderment as folks really couldn't understand how his Uncle John would want that stuff. Andrew took it all in stride, knowing that his uncle would be delighted, and he was oh so right. :-)

The pans look like chocolates--milk, dark, and white, don't they?


  1. The pans do look delicious! :-)

    Lovely photo: the lighting, transparency of the muller and the general artist's paraphernalia make it look rather like a technical still-life in its own right.

    Laughed at the story of the rust. What a wonderful thought, though: perfect powdered red iron oxide. That colour won't be going anywhere in a hurry.

  2. I am very selective with my tabletop photos. There is hardly a free spot on my kitchen table! Pigments and paraphernalia everywhere!!! What a mess!!! :-)

    I may be sending Drew out for more rust. :-)

  3. Sounds like just the right kind of 'mess' to me: creative ferment!

    Your art-materials-supplying nephew is called Drew? Perhaps it's just my silly sense of humour but ... how appropriate ;-)

  4. Ya! Andrew. Drew. DrooDroo. Android. All kinds of nicknames... :-)