Monday, October 18, 2010

New Pigments Arrive!

Aren't these beauties?

Top row: Cobalt Zinc Blue, Yellow Ocher Dark, Natural Black Oxide
Bottom Row: Chromium Oxide Green, Gold Ocher, Luberon Red Ocher

This is the Natural Pigments order, along with a big bag of Rutile Titanium White. Next to arrive is the Sinopia goods.


  1. These are truly finger-itch-inducing pigments -- love the brilliance of the colour in its pure powdered form. That black is practically eating the light that falls on it!

  2. The top ochre has been my prime pigment with that oak leaf. It has a very fine consistency and lays down beautifully transparent.

    More pigments (Sinopia) on the way. Collecting pigments can be so addicting! :-)