Saturday, October 23, 2010

Around The Lake

It was the perfect afternoon to get out around the lake.


  1. It was a perfect day, wasn't it? I too tramped around our lake with my camera- it is way past peak here and is now what I call "scuffling" time, as that's the sound of walking through all the crisp downed leaves before the cold November rains flatten them out into a soft mat of vegetation that silences my steps. It actually snowed lightly here on Friday!!
    ~ gretchen

  2. Now I know just what that looks and feels and sounds like. Beautiful pictures John.

  3. I was lazy, Gretchen, and visited select lakeside spots by car. Monday is supposed to be very nice and warm so I grabbed a day off. Perhaps I get in more photos.

    Snow! Oh my! Here we go...

  4. Thanks, Judith. Yes, this is beautiful country here. Sometimes I am afraid take it for granted.

    Loved your photos too. The Cape is so lovely.