Thursday, October 14, 2010

Color and Ground (Final)

Okay. I promise. I'm all wheeled out. This last example, beyond the fur of a fox, more akin to a dandelion puff rainbow, is created with mixed paint. Once again, the warm colors win. You know, it wasn't until I moved from yellow ochre and into the oranges did I notice that even my "pure red" was really quite "orangy". Now, I've mixed lots of charts and learned my lessons from my Yellow and Blue Don't Make Green exercises, but it's when I stumble across these principles in examples like this one that I can really appreciate my studies. Simple stuff, now that I know it. And, of course, to be fair, I am playing with black--not a true blue that might allow those other two primaries to sing a bit brighter.

By the way, I moved from store bought to farm fresh eggs. This beginner found no difference in application, although I easily noticed the egg's freshness--a well togethered white, perked up yolk, and tougher shell. Reminds me of my egg farmer days... a laying flock of forty beautiful hens... Ah, the good old days...

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